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The Best of Substitute Teacher Guest Bloggers

Dear Teacher,

Today’s post is the best of the guest blog posts by “Substitute Teachers.”  I was away for almost two weeks, and I asked a few people to post in my stead.  They did a wonderful job and there were amazing posts while I was gone!  I enjoyed reading and applying what they wrote!

I am going to use today’s post as a little plug.  I am looking for help in two areas.  I would love to have a collection of “Substitute Teacher Posts” to use when I am unable to write and to possibly to a weekly guest post.  I am looking for people who might like to write some words of encouragement, hope, and/or challenges.  Some teacher testimonies, stories from the trenches of teaching where encouragement and hop made a difference, would be awesome, as well.  You don’t need to be a blogger, you just have to have something to say!  Email if you are interested:

The second plug is another requests for stories or words of encouragement, but this is stories about teachers that you have had in the past that made a difference.  I want to collect thank you letters to former teachers and/or stories about how what they did and how they taught made a difference in your life.  I think we could learn so much from reading stories and letters like this!  I want to post these stories from time to time, and if I get enough I would love to think about putting a book together.  Would you like to be a part of this?  Please?  🙂  Use the same email to let me know your interest, or just send me your letter or story.  I am going to start by posting my letter soon!

Okay, now for the posts.  Read a few and share the one you liked the most!

Which one is your favorite?  Why?  Since you liked it, share the link with others and spread the encouragement!  🙂

You are awesome!  No matter what the week has been like, today will be great.  Make it great.  Keep moving and keep teaching, Teacher!

Love, Teacher

PS…I am going to officially stop sharing the link in the Edmodo communities (I am only going to share in the Dear Teacher/Love Teacher group there from now on).  It is never more important than now for you to share Dear Teacher/Love Teacher with others.  Share where ever you can and spread the encouragement revolution!  By the way, you can share in the communities, I am just not going to.



I am a middle school teacher who lives in the upstate of South Carolina.

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