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Just Another Manic Monday

Dear Teacher,

Let’s face it, Mondays are the worst.

They come to quickly. They stay too long. They don’t cooperate with is. And they usually and generally stink.

However much we don’t like them, they always come…and they always go. We make it through no matter what they throw at us. Even the baddest of the bad ones eventually go away.

But…I want to challenge you to think about them in another way.

Think about your students that may not have a stable living situation. They may move between family members. They may change apartments once every few months (after evictions are served). They may live at a shelter or in a motel. They may even live in a car.

Think about your students that may not always have enough food to eat away from school. Their parents may be between jobs. Their food money may be squandered away by caregivers. They may have the weekend backpack of food stolen. They may be hungry for any number of reasons.

Think about the students that may have a rough home life. They may see violence or be victims of it. There may be abuse…emotional, physical, or even worse. They may be surrounded by things and people you never dreamed of encountering.

Now, think about what Mondays look like to them.

Mondays can not come soon enough.

Mondays mean safety.

Mondays mean stability.

Mondays mean food.

Mondays mean love.

Mondays mean you…you who cares for them.


Let this Monday be different for you. See it as a chance to see the kids that need you most. Allow it to be you chance to let them know they are loved and have a place in your class with you. And maybe bring and extra snack or two…just in case someone needs a little something hidden in their backpack.

You rock teacher! You do care and you are the reason that Mondays are special to some of those that need you most. Thanks for all that you do! Keep on teaching, Teacher!

Love, Teacher!



I am a middle school teacher who lives in the upstate of South Carolina.

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