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Teacher, You Are…

Dear Teacher,

Any where you look you are probably able to find someone who has an opinion about education, the system, and teachers as a whole…and a lot of those ideas and thoughts are not exactly positive most of the time.

And, even though you are thick-skinned and strong, there are times that these words are going to hurt, irritate, and infuriate you.  I just want you to remember something, though…

Whatever they say…

Whatever they think…

Whatever they insinuate…


You are more than the opinions depict.  You are more than the negative headlines.  You are more than the system.  You are more than your school.  You are more than even your grade level at the school.

You are your students’ teacher.  You are the key to your classroom.  You are who knows those kids in your room this year and who knows what they need.  You know how to meet those needs…AND if you don’t, you know how to find those answers.  You are an advocate and have what it takes do to what it takes for those souls in your care.

In short, you, my teacher friend, are amazing!

I encourage you and implore you to realize your greatness for the moments you have with your students and do what you think is right!

Will it always be noticed?  If noticed, will it always be applauded?  Will the system see it your way and change?  Will the world understand what it takes to do what you do?

Most likely, no on all accounts…but do not let that sway you!

Continue in your courage to do what it right.  Be you.  Be awesome.  Don’t let the voices or opposing forces stop you.  Your students need you, and you have got this!

I know it is not easy, but you have seriously got this!

I believe in you, Teacher, and I am not the only one!  You are an amazing teacher, and I know you will survive and do what is the right thing to do by your students.  Thank you for all you do!

Keep on teaching, Teacher!

Love,  Teacher



I am a middle school teacher who lives in the upstate of South Carolina.

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