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It’s the End of the Year (as we know it)

DearTeacherLT2017 (You may use the image if you link back to the blog and/or give credit to Dear Teacher/Love Teacher)

Dear Teacher,

I have decided to return from the blogging dead…for a little while, at least. I am sorry that this year has gotten away from me. Because of the amount of creativity I use where I teach and work now, it is hard to find the time and energy to write something that I think will be worth your reading and that will encourage and inspire you.

So I want to try something else…

I want to use the summer to randomly put up other types of posts than just my normal pep talks. That doesn’t mean the pep talks are over, but the summer is a great chance to throw more into the mix and spice things up. I am going to use other sides of my creativity to try to make you laugh, cry, and, above all else, encourage your teaching soul. There will be stories, poetry, more doodle-type posts, and whatever else might come up.

All I ask is that you let me know what you think and give me a bit a feedback about what’s going on with you and how I can help keep your teacher fire burning. And if you like something, share it. 🙂 I know you will, because you rock!

So how did this year go for you, by the way? What worked? What didn’t? How are you going to recover from the year over the summer?

As always, I totally believe in you and know that you made a difference this year! You are an AMAZING teacher! Get some rest and relaxation in this summer! Remember to take time for yourself. Keep on teaching, Teacher!

Love, Teacher

PS…I am closing an attempt at impromptu poetry.

You Can’t Measure

I stare blindly at the list –
The yearly scavenger hunt
The things to do
The signatures to gather –
And the wonder creeps in…
Where did the year go?

I’m not sure it can be measured

I look around the room
I see it all from day one
I see the laughter, drama, and life
Most of all I see the growth
Students came in as babies
And left as young adults

I know that you can’t measure that

When the year started
I was full of life and ideas
It wasn’t long until that changed
And I was barely hanging on
The ups were high
The downs were low

And there is no measure in between

I was ready for the end
But then it came and I was not
It’s hard to let go
(Even the ones I wished would leave)
I saw them grow
I saw them blossom

They don’t make measurements for this

Now the only noise is me
And the student echoes have dimmed
I remember it all
The good and the bad
I would not trade any of it
And I will carry them with me

You definitely can’t measure that



I am a middle school teacher who lives in the upstate of South Carolina.

3 thoughts on “It’s the End of the Year (as we know it)

  1. I always enjoy your blog posts. Often they cause me to ponder or renew my enthusiasm… Thank you for writing them.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement. There are days when your messages come to me and it is at the right exact moment when I greatly need it. I often share your inspiration with my faculty and staff.

  3. I enjoyed your poem. The school year is a strange mixture of speed, the time creeps or flits by. This year was the best so far. While I was ready for it to end at the same time I simply was not.

    Enjoy summer and I look forward to reading you further.

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