It’s Not that Simple


It’s Not that Simple

“You get a break,” they say
“Teaching is not so hard.”
“It must be nice to have time off.”
But it just is not that simple
It’s really not that easy

Nothing is that easy

Time and rest are not the same
Either are jobs and passions
Work can be more than just work
And time off means more too
Time can also be a little space

Teachers need room to breathe

Teaching is more than working
So much more than what we do
It is our life and our heart
It is our mind and instinct
Teaching’s in our blood

Teaching make us who we are

Our stress is not our stress
Our work is not our work
Our time is not our time
Our passions are not our passions
And our lives are not our lives

We live and work for more

No human can sustain this
No one can live only for others
No person can do this forever
The momentum can destroy
And the inertia can tear apart

One must come to a rest

Rest means space and room
Rest means time to breathe
Rest means remembering who we are
Time is recharging and returning
Time is finding ourselves again

We must be able to heal

So yes, it does seem nice
It looks like a little vacation
But it really is not that simple
It is more and it is vital
It is the only way we can keep going

Students need us to breathe


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