Teacher Holiday Hits Album: Unplugged (no actual music will be harmed in this post)

Dear Teacher,

Okay, this isn’t really about music.  Sorry!  For most of us a break is here or quickly approaching.  It is time to step back, if just for a while, from your teaching life.

I hope you find the space to unplug and reconnect to the people and other things in your life that you love along side teaching.  Oh, and don’t say you’ll do this and let time slip away.  Really do it.  

Unplug.  Reconnect.  Restart.

You know, do for yourself what you have to do for your computer when you have an amazing technology-based lesson and everything goes wrong when admin chooses to come observe.  🙂

Please take time for yourself, be kind to yourself, and take care of yourself.

I truly wish you a wonderful break and happy holidays, however you may or may not celebrate.  As for me, I leave you with Merry Christmas… because that’s my jam!

You are awesome.  You are amazing.  You ROCK!  Thanks for ever little thing you do!  You are a great teacher!

Love, Teacher


One thought on “Teacher Holiday Hits Album: Unplugged (no actual music will be harmed in this post)

  1. First day of break (if you don’t count the weekend) and it feels great. I left work on Friday with grades completed, lessons planned for the first week back and even most of the photocopying done. Now it is time to focus on family, relaxing, and working on projects around the house that tend to fall between the cracks during the school year. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing break and a Merry Christmas!

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