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Dear Teacher/Love Teacher EMERGENCY!! Help Me!

Dear Teacher,

This will be short because I am writing this from my phone.  I was prepared to write a reflective post about how to follow a bad day of teaching (based on one of my worse teaching days ever…and that day was last week)…but there was a little accident with my laptop and it is now dead.  Without it there is no Dear Teacher/Love Teacher blog, at least not for a while, because I can’t afford to replace it right now.  The other forms of Dear Teacher (Facebook, Text Group, etc…) will be more sporadic because I’m not a great phone typer (and my phone isn’t great).

Now, I have had some of you ask for ways that you can support what I do through the blog and other media.  So, I have started a GoFundMe that you can use to help me get a headstart to getting a new computer and getting the blog back up.  I set the goal a little high, but if I get even half that amount I can get a good enough laptop to get going (the more I get, the better the computer, and the better the resources I can create for you!).  What do you say?  Want to help me get the blog going again?  Any little bit helps!
Thanks!  You ROCK!

Oh, can you share this and the need for help?  Thanks again!

Love, Teacher 



I am a middle school teacher who lives in the upstate of South Carolina.

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