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No Idea…(teachers have the upper hand)

Ready for the Day

Dear Teacher,

You are the one.  You have what you need.  You have plans, but you also have heart.  You are ready…even if you are not completely ready.

You have a mind and know how to use it.  You can roll with the waves and the punches.  This day…this week…this year will not dominate you.  You’ve got this.  Somewhere deep inside you know that you can handle this.

Your students have no idea what is coming.  Use that.  You can do something different today.  Take them off guard.  Show them that you know your stuff.  Show them that you care.  Show them that you are the teacher that they need you to be.

What do I mean by this?  That depends on you.  That depends on what you are facing today.  That depends on what you need.

Does that mean that I am being generic with my encouragement today?

No!  It just means that the message for today is whatever you need it to be.

You really do have this under control, even if you don’t feel like it.

No matter what is ahead of you, you can do this today.  You can teach.  You can make it through.  You can be who your students need you to be.

Be that teacher.

You are that teacher.

Do what you need to do today.

Need to change your plans?  Do it.

Need to review though there is little time to do it?  Review away.

Need to take a stand about an issue happening in your class?  Stand up.

Need to hold your ground on a school issue unrelated to students?  Do what you need to do.

Be who you need to be today.

Your students and those around you have no idea what you have in store today.  You have the upper hand.  You have the element of surprise.  Surprise them today.

You’ve got this!

Teach away!

You are awesome!  You can do this today.  Go.  Do.  Be the teacher!  You are amazing!  I believe in you!  Keep on teaching, Teacher!

Love, Teacher