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Dear Teacher/Love Teacher Round-Up

Dear Teacher,

If you only follow or catch- up with me here at the blog, you have been missing some pretty fun stuff happening in the social media pages. There have been some cool, inspiring, and funny images being shared. I decided to do a round-up animated gif of the ones I have created to get you all caught up. Let me know what you think! And if you don’t you should follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is @DearTeacherLT for each of them.

These images belong to Credit and a link to the site is required for any use. Thank you!

I hope you have the grandest of weeks, Teacher friend!

You rock. You are awesome! And I totally believe in you!

Love, Teacher

PS…I was nominated to win a cruise for teachers! If you have enjoyed any of the posts or social media images, please take a moment and vote! Even if you have voted for someone else, you can vote for other people as well. The nomination leaves out the work here at Dear Teacher/Love Teacher because most people that know me in the real world do not know I do this (I feel like a superhero in this way!)…but it is my work here which makes me want to win a cruise. My wife has sacrificed a lot of me for this passion project of mine (time, money, and effort), and she totally deserves this cruise as a thank you for this. Please vote and share if you would like to support what I do here. Thank you!